• IDS 2020

    Beijing China, October 15-18

  • IDS 2020

    Beijing China, October 15-18

  • IDS 2020

    Beijing China, October 15-18

  • IDS 2020

    Beijing China, October 15-18

  • IDS 2020

    Beijing China, October 15-18

  • IDS 2020

    Beijing China, October 15-18


17th IDS Congress Preliminary Agenda V3

Day 1 (Oct 15, 2020)


(Beijing time)

Opening Ceremony: Anette Ziegler (Germany, 13:00) & Zhiguang Zhou (China) 


Franco Bottazzo Lecture  (25’)

Ake Lernmark (Sweden, 13:10


Ezio Bonifacio (Germany, 13:10)


Session 1 Epigenetics and Transcriptomics of T1D (75 min)

Key Note Lecture: David Leslie (UK, 12:35)  15’ 

Epigenetics of T1D: Epiphany or Epiphenomenon?

Chairs :

Carani Sanjeevi (Sweden, 13:35), Linda Yip (USA, 4:35am)

Speakers:(15’ each)

Ranjeny Thomas (Queensland, Australia, 21:35): Identification and therapeutic regulation of autoantigen-specific responses in pediatric type 1 diabetes)

Cong-Yi Wang (China): The implication of epigenetic factors in the initiation and progression of type 1 diabetes

Riitta Lahesmaa (Finland, 14:35): Early detection of immune cell signatures in children developing beta-cell autoimmunity

Questions: 15min


BREAK 10 min


Session 2 Genetic Risk and Heterogeneity of T1D (75min)

Key Note Lecture  Steve Rich (USA, 9:00 am) 25’ 

Advances in the Genetic Basis of Type 1 Diabetes and Application to Population Screening

Chairs :A G Ziegler (Germany, 15:00)  Bill Hagopian (USA, 6:00am)

Speakers:(15’ each)

Tao Yang (China) Characteristics and heterogeneity of genetics, autoimmune and islet function for adult-onset type 1 diabetes

Andrea Steck (USA, 7:00am): Heterogeneity and Prediction of T1D

William Hagopian (USA, 6:00am): Applying Combined Risk Scores using Genetics, Family History and Islet Autoantibodies in Pediatric Population Screening and Selection for Prevention Trials

Questions: 20min

CLOSE OF SESSION 22:15  Total 3 hours 15min 

Day 2 (Oct 16, 2020)


Session 3 Beta cell in Health and Disease (90 min)

Key Note Lecture  

Tao Xu (China ) 25’


Zhou Z (China) , Simi Ahmed (USA, 7:00am)

Speakers (15’each)

Helen Thomas (Australia, 21:00): The influence of cytokines and JAK inhibitors on expansion of antigen-specific T cells

Stephan Speier (Germany, 13:00): In Situ Analysis of Human Islet Pathophysiology in T1D

Teresa Mastracci (USA, 7:00am)

Questions: 20min


BREAK 10 min


Session 4 Gut Microbiota in T1D (45 min)


Li Wen (USA, 8:40am) James Pearson (UK, 13:40)

Discussant Emma Hamilton-Williams (Australia, 22:40)                 

Speakers (15’ each)

Michael Knip (Finland, 15:40): Can the T1D Risk Be Modulated Through the Intestinal Microbiome?

Yu Liu (China)

Questions: 15 min


Session 5 Adult-Onset Autoimmune Diabetes (65min)


David Leslie (UK, 14:25), Zhiguang Zhou (China)

Discussants Toshiaki Hanafusa (Japan, 22:25), Paolo Pozzilli (Italy, 15:25)

Speakers  (15’ each)

Paolo Pozzilli (Italy, 15:25)

Xia Li (China)

Tiina Tuomi (Finland, 16:25)

Questions: 20min

CLOSE OF SESSION 22:15  Total 3 hours 30 min

Day 3 (Oct 17, 2020)


Session 6 Islet Transplantation & Stem Cell Therapy (60 min)


Tom Kay (Australia, 21:00) Susan Wong (UK, 12:00)

Discussant Philip O’Connell (Australia, 21:00)

Speakers (15’ each)

Akihisa Imagawa (Japan, 20:00): Usefulness of patient-derived iPS cells in fulminant type 1 diabetes

Hongkui Deng (China)

Qizhi Tang (USA, 4:00am): Islet-infiltrating Tregs in autoimmune diabetes and islet transplantation

Questions: 15 min


George Eisenbarth Lecture (25’)

Kevan Herold (USA, 8:00am)


AG Ziegler (Germany, 14:00)

Marian Rewers (USA, 6:00am)


BREAK 10 min  


Session 7 Immune Cells in T1D  (95 min)


Mark Peakman (UK, 13:35), Yufei Xiang (USA, 5:35am

Speakers  (15’ each)

Roberto Mallone (France, 14:35):βeauty is in the eye of the T-cell beholder

Peggy Kendall (USA, 7:35am): Targeting anti-insulin B cells in T1D

Aimin Xu (China): Neutrophil-macrophage crosstalk in autoimmune diabetes

Agnes Lehuen (INSERM, U Paris, France, 14:35): MAIT cells at the crossroad between microbiota, inflammation and metabolism

Questions: 20 min


Session 8 Immune Therapy (45 min)

Chairs  Jay Skyler (USA, 9:10am) Chantal Mathieu (Belgium, 16:10)

Speakers (15’ each)

Colin Dayan (UK, 15:10): JDRF TOMI and the way forward in beta cell preservation in T1D

David Rawlings (USA, 7:10am): Gene editing to generation engineered regulatory T cells for treatment of autoimmune disorders including T1D

Questions: 15 min

CLOSE OF SESSION 22:55  Total 3 hours 55min 

Day 4 (Oct 18, 2020)


Session 9 Autoimmunity: Advances in Immunology (70min) 

Key Note Lecture  

Chen Dong (China) 25’

CD4+ T cells in autoimmunity


Dirk Homann (Germany, 13:00) Z Zhou (China)

Discussant Lucienne Chatenoud (France, 13:00)

Speakers  (15’ each)

Tetsuro Kobayashi (Japan, 20:00): Distinct pathological changes of the pancreas in fulminant type 1 diabetes

Abdu Hamad (USA, 7:00am)

Questions: 15min


BREAK 10min


Special session incorporating workshops 


T cell workshop (60’) (Eddie James to organize)


Antibody Workshop IASP 60’ (Peter Achenbach to organize)

CLOSE OF SESSION 22:20 Total 3 hours 20min 


0400 West coast USA

0500 Mountain time USA

0600 Central USA

0700 Eastern USA

1200 UK

1300 Central European Time

1900 China

2000 Japan

2100 Melbourne, Sydney, Australia